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B2B Gunfire - Airsoft replica wholesaler

B2B Airsoft & More wholesaler – everything you need in one place

Our B2B section is more than just equipment - you will find unique emotions and unforgettable experi-ences for your customers here. We offer a wide selection of the highest quality Airsoft replicas and a full range of accessories. Addi-tionally, we support you comprehensively - both in the area of marketing, integration options via API/XML, and adapting replicas to the requirements of your market.

Thanks to joint activities, your Airsoft store will achieve success!

B2B Gunfire wholesaler in numbers:

  • 97%of sent inquiries receive answers in less than 1 hour
  • 6.000active SKUs – you always have something to choose from
  • 14exclusive brands - you will find them only with us
  • 90%of orders we process within 24 hours
  • 69%of our partners have increased their earnings in the last year - by joining them!

Why is the Gunfire Airsoft & More wholesaler the right choice?

We have noticed that many airsoft sellers struggle with too little margin space. This makes it difficult to generate adequate profits and run the business successfully. At the same time, there is strong competi-tion in the industry, which makes it difficult to distinguish the airsoft store from other stores, and cus-tomer complaints do not make running a business easier.

Our airsoft wholesaler offers solutions tailored to your needs! Here you will find many brands that we are the exclusive distributor of, such as Specna Arms, Theta Optics, GFC Tactical or Armored Claw. Thanks to this, you can be sure that the products we offer provide a constant margin, which translates into higher profits for your business.

Additionally, we guarantee the constant availability of best-selling products that are very popular among customers. Thanks to this, you can be sure that you will meet the needs of your customers, and the lack of availability will not become an obstacle to running an effective business. Additionally, the top seller reports we provide will allow you to plan your purchases more effectively, and the marketing support we offer will provide you with the necessary competitive advantage.

Check how else we can help you compete effectively on the market and gain a loyal group of customers!

Wide offer

One source of supply, many substitutes

14 exclusive brands

Guaranteed high margin and constant
access to top sellers

Service in your language

We speak 6 languages - Polish, English,
German, French, Italian
and Spanish

Marketing support

We provide the necessary online and offline
marketing materials

Discount program

Earn points and increase your discounts

Free shipping and low MOQ

Orders from 125 € / L, free delivery threshold from 1,500 € / L

Do you want to sell more?

Ask us any question about cooperation or offer,
and we will be happy to answer it. And sooner than you think.

The most popular brands in B2B Gunfire

Specna Arms

A brand offering comprehensive equipment – from complete replicas to internal parts and accessories, as well as tactical gear. The lines define the price range and help players choose products that meet their needs.

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A respected and well-known Taiwanese manufacturer with a long-standing tradition. Their long gun replicas, in addition to AK and M4 models, also replicate weapons of various national armies. Their range includes gas-powered pistols, parts, and accessories, all meticulously detailed.

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Theta Optics

A manufacturer specializing in optics, particularly scopes and red dot sights, along with the necessary mounting accessories.

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Tokyo Marui

A legendary manufacturer of replicas, known for precision detail and innovations that set standards in the industry. Their products cater to enthusiasts of different game types, ranging from CQB to long-range shooting.

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A comprehensive range for beginners and advanced airsoft players, known for detailed replicas, including the iconic CM028 model that's been on the market for over 20 years. Apart from replicas, CYMA offers a range of parts and accessories, including stocks, magazines, and rails.

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A brand mainly offering gas-powered pistol replicas, including those capable of full-auto fire. They also produce gas rifle and assault pistol replicas, as well as parts and accessories like the green gas with preservative properties.

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GFC Tactical

A product group specializing in tactical equipment. Their extensive range includes backpacks, pouches, clothing, tactical vests, goggles, and ready-made kits at attractive prices.

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The Chinese manufacturer Emei-Landarms is known for excellent attention to detail. Their replicas of classic Soviet rifles and modern Russian designs are manufactured in a firearms factory. E&L models are faithful replicas, made from the same materials and to the same dimensions as their live counterparts.

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Primal Gear

Offers a variety of tactical gear for beginners and advanced airsoft players. Their selection includes backpacks, slings, tactical vests, pouches, and everything else needed for the game. The equipment is made from original Cordura® fabric in licensed Multicam® camouflage or Kydex.

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A manufacturer of replicas designed for beginner players, combining good quality with affordability. WELL's range includes an abundance of sniper rifle replicas that are effective at long distances.

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Electro river

A manufacturer of lithium-polymer (LiPo) batteries known for high capacity despite small size and high current efficiency. Their range also includes chargers, adapters, and other essential accessories.

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A brand specializing in tactical equipment with a broad selection available in various color versions. They also offer parts and accessories such as helmets, grips, mounts, and more.

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Jing Gong is a replica manufacturer offering affordable models appreciated by beginner players. Their product line includes carbines and submachine guns, as well as various internal parts and accessories.

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Double Bell

A Chinese manufacturer of replicas, including rifles, sniper weapons, pistols, and shotguns. They offer full replicas along with internal and external parts and accessories for effective tuning. Some of their lineup includes well-known and loved budget historical replicas.

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Armored Claw

A brand of gloves that protect users in all conditions. Armored Claw’s portfolio includes tactical gloves resistant to abrasion and punctures, outdoor, and minimalist models. Using advanced technical materials like Kevlar® fibers, Nomex® polymers, and Schoeller® Keprotec®, they ensure the highest possible level of protection.

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Other brands on offer

  • 5KU
  • A&K
  • Abbey
  • Acetk
  • ACM
  • Action Army Company
  • ActionSportGames
  • AGM
  • AIM-O
  • Airsoft Engineering
  • Amomax
  • APS Limited
  • ARES
  • ArmaPro s.r.o.
  • Armored Claw
  • Ascend
  • AY
  • Baofeng
  • Big Dragon
  • Black Mountain Tactical
  • Bolle
  • Clarence Lai Design
  • Core Airsoft
  • COWCOW Technology
  • CYMA
  • Cytac
  • Dye Precision
  • E&L Airsoft
  • Earmor
  • East Crane
  • ElectroRiver
  • Element
  • Emerson
  • Epes
  • ESS - Eye Safety Systems
  • FMA
  • G&G
  • GATE
  • Gens Ace
  • GFC Accessories
  • GFC Energy
  • GFC Tactical
  • Ghost Gear
  • GP Batteries
  • GTW Gear
  • Haasta
  • Holosun
  • ICS
  • Invader Gear
  • JG
  • JG/GE
  • JJ Airsoft
  • King Arms
  • KJW
  • KWC
  • lambda
  • LCT
  • Levenhuk
  • Lonex Technology
  • Lucky shot
  • MadBull
  • Mancraft
  • Maple Leaf
  • Maskpol
  • Master Mods
  • Maxx Model
  • Mechanix Wear
  • Metal
  • Modify-Tech
  • M-TAC
  • Night Evolution
  • Nine Ball
  • NITRO.Vo
  • Olight
  • Opticon
  • PDI
  • Point
  • PPS Airsoft
  • Primal Gear
  • Pro Tech Guns
  • PSS10
  • PTS
  • Pyramex
  • Range Solutions
  • Redox
  • Retro FACTORY s.r.o.
  • Selinda Precision Co.,Limtied
  • SHS
  • Sky-Watcher
  • Smart Gas
  • Snow Wolf
  • SRC
  • Streamlight
  • Taiwan Airsoft Master
  • Theta Optics
  • Titan Europe B.V.
  • Tokyo Marui
  • Tornado
  • Ultimate Tactical
  • Umarex
  • Uvex
  • Valken
  • Vector Optics
  • Vega Force Company
  • Vortex
  • Warhead Industries
  • WE
  • WELL
  • Wiley X
  • Wisport
  • Xcortech Co. Ltd.
  • Z-Tactical

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What do customers say about us?

We have been cooperating with B2B Gunfire for many years. From the beginning, our cooperation was very strong and the relationship was constantly deepening. B2B Gunfire is one of the few providers that understands the needs of both its customers and the target customer. We greatly appreciate the coop-eration and hope that it will continue in such a great style.

Matěj Purchasing Manager Czech Republic

We are very pleased with the cooperation with B2B Gunfire. We finally found a good supplier and solved our problems. B2B Gunfire is primarily: professional customer support, availability and a wide range of products, and a user-friendly purchasing platform.

Edin CEO Bosnia

The staff at B2B Gunfire are fantastic. They provide great service, deliver excellent products and sup-port the development of their customers. They always strive to improve and help take your business to the next level.

Kevin Purchasing Manager Europe

B2B Gunfire – airsoft wholesaler and its history

Once upon a time, a group of airsoft enthusiasts decided to turn their dreams into reality. This is how the Gunfire company was born - a true story about people with an infectious enthusiasm for this sport.

Their mission was to create a place where all airsoft enthusiasts can find replicas and accessories from around the world. One day they noticed great opportunities to cooperate with the largest customers in Europe and sensed the growing potential of the airsoft market. They knew they could create something special together.

They started from scratch, putting their whole hearts into each of their actions. Over time, they gained experience, negotiated with producers, and perfected the art of building lasting relationships with cus-tomers. Their military wholesale business slowly developed, despite adversities.

After fifteen years of existence, the Gunfire Airsoft & more wholesaler has become one of the largest suppliers of replicas in Europe. But it's not just business success. Above all, it is the story of people who fiercely pursued their dreams and developed airsoft. This is our story.

Over the years, we have improved our skills by following every new trend in the industry. Our knowledge and passion translate into the professional advice we offer to our clients, and commitment to development and acquiring new competences has become our philosophy.

Our airsoft wholesaler can offer you a partnership approach based on various cooperation models. Offer integrated via XML files or automated via API - the choice is yours. And the use of modern sys-tems allows for instant service and a variety of payment methods.

Once your airsoft store starts cooperation with B2B Gunfire, you won't have to worry about logistics. Our logistics department will ensure fast and safe transport of your order to every corner of the world. Experience and numerous forwarding contacts allow us to optimize transport costs, regardless of the conditions.

To sum up, B2B Gunfire is more than just an airsoft wholesaler. It is a story about experience, persever-ance and constant pursuit of perfection. This is a place where history meets the future to change the world of airsoft together. Will you join this amazing story?